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  • on March 31, 2007
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Ingrients & Directions

2 pk Fresh spinach
1 pk Fresh mushrooms
1 lg Onion
5 Egg whites; or substitute
8 oz Fatfree cheddar cheese; grat
8 oz Fatfree mozzarella cheese; g
1 ts Pepper
1 Phyllo dough; *see note

Remove stems from spinach and wash. Cut onions and
saute in water until tender. Wash and slice mushrooms
and add to the onions (cook until all water
evaporates). Remove onions & mushrooms from heat a
put in a large bowl. Saute spinach in water tossing
frequently until all liquid evaporates. Mix
onions/mushrooms & spinach together in bowl & make
sure onions and mushrooms are evenly distributed
throughout the spinach. Beat egg whites lightly. Add
grated cheese to egg mixture and mix thoroughly. Add
spinach mixture to egg and cheese mixture and stir
until mixed well.

CRUST: The dough is paper thin and you use many
layers. I use a rectangular glass baking dish, sprayed
lightly with – PAM. Quickly layer 5-7 sheets on the
bottom of the dish spraying each layer lightly with
Pam. Then put half of your spinach mixture on top.
Put another 5-7 sheets of Phyllo. Then the last of
your spinach mixture. Top with 10 to 15 sheets of
phyllo, sprayed lightly with Pam between each layer.
Remove any excess dough around the edges. Moisten
your fingertips and seal around the edges like a
normal pie crust. Spray top lightly with Pam. Using
a sharp knife cut through the top layer in the pattern
you want. (ie: I cut rectangular pattern that is the
size of the pieces I will ultimately cut.) In the
Greek desert, Baklava they cut diamond shapes. Bake in
400-425 deg. F. oven for 30 min.

WARNING: Phyllo dough is sooooo thin it is a little
hard to work with because it dries out in about 2
seconds and sticks together. There are hints on the
box on how to keep it moist.

Use HEALTHY CHOICE FAT FREE grated cheeses. Their
cheese is real cheese made with skim milk, it tastes
and melts the same (at least in this recipe) as high
fat cheeses which is not true for other brand name Fat
Free Cheeses I have tried.

6 Servings

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